Supernatural’ Jared Padalecki and Mark Sheppard mirrored on the largest scene between Sam Winchester and Crowley forward of the sequence finale.

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Mark Sheppard lately gave a play-by-play for Sam Winchester and Crowley’s largest scene forward of the sequence finale.

“One of the scenes I’m most proud of in my 15 years of playing Sam Winchester was the finale in Season 8 — ‘Sacrifice’ — where it’s Sam and Crowley in an abandoned cathedral,” Padalecki, who performs Sam, mentioned in a clip posted on The CW YouTube channel.

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The ultimate scene described by Padalecki finds Sam and Dean taking Crowley to a church to full a ritual to remedy him of being a demon. After securing Crowley in the midst of a satan’s lure, Sam confesses his sins and proceeded to inject Crowley together with his personal blood in hopes of restoring his humanity. However, Dean arrived on the church simply as Sam is about to finish the ritual and warns his brother that ending would kill him.

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After first resisting Dean’s warning, Sam in the end acknowledges the ritual consumed him and falls to the bottom in ache. The episode (and season) ended with Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley standing exterior the cathedral and watching hundreds of angels falling to Earth.

Mark Sheppard, who portrays Crowley, additionally recalled fond reminiscences of capturing the Season 8 finale, noting it “was the most extraordinary experience.” “We shot that in sequence, which is very very rare,” Sheppard revealed. “And the most extraordinary thing was that the crew — it was silent for the entire time. Hours upon hours, they left us, to allow that energy to continue through those scenes.”

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Padalecki added, “I remember shooting that scene, and it was a couple of days of just he and I before Dean bursts in. I had a trust that I didn’t even realize with him to go to places that you can’t go to with someone that you don’t trust. So I’ll forever be grateful that I had that opportunity to share that scene with him.”

While Jensen Ackles — who portrays Dean Winchester — performed a small half within the scene, he chimed in to explain the sophisticated relationship between the Winchester brothers and Crowley. “He’s kind of like the annoying neighbor you love to hate,” Ackles mentioned of Sheppard’s character. “But if somebody comes and tries to take down your street, you guys are gonna stand together.”

Sheppard closed out the interview by summing up the scene as “all of us believing that there is something really, really good that we’re trying to do here.”

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert. The sequence finale airs Nov. 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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