MIDDLEBORO — Middleboro welcomed a brand new small enterprise to city late final month, as Rekindled Home opened doorways on October 30.

Owners Sandy WnCronin and Suzy Clasby have been redesigning and repurposing furniture and home decor for many years, and decided it was time to mix their abilities.

“Suzy and I both had separate businesses. Suzy is Rekindled Life and I am Metamorphosis Design. And we met in Norwood at another store called Salvage Angel,” Sandy explains. “So Salvage Angel is similar to what we’re doing here, only on a much larger scale.”

After renting house from Salvage Angel and promoting their merchandise there for some time, Sandy and Suzy thought of the concept of opening a enterprise collectively round February.

“Then COVID hit so it was all off the table for a long time. But what we discovered during COVID was that people were home cleaning, organizing, looking at their old furniture,” Sandy says.