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soru: What kind of gadgets hook up with The People’s Network?
cevap: Internet Of Things (IoT) gadgets

soru: How many IoT gadgets are anticipated to wish connectivity within the subsequent 5 years?
cevap: 75 Billion

soru: What is the wi-fi know-how Hotspots use to offer protection?
cevap: LengthyFi

soru: What is the unit of change Hotspots earn?
cevap: HNT

soru: Which of the under is NOT a manner a Hotspot earns HNT
cevap: Providing Wi-Fi connectivity to close by telephones and computer systems

soru: What is Helium’s novel proof algorithm that’s used to confirm Hotspots are actual and positioned the place they are saying they’re?
cevap: Proof-Of-Coverage

soru: What is the unit of change IoT gadgets use to pay for connectivity?
cevap: Data Credits

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