Grönlands größte Gletscher schmelzen wahrscheinlich schneller als befürchtet: Studie
Over the final twenty years, the world’s ice sheets atop Greenland and Antarctica have turn out to be the one largest supply of sea stage rise

The three largest glaciers in Greenland—which maintain sufficient frozen water to carry international sea ranges some 1.3 metres—might melt faster than even the worst-case warming predictions, analysis printed Tuesday confirmed.

Until 2000, the principle driver of sea stage rise was melting glaciers and the enlargement of ocean water because it warms.

But during the last twenty years, the world’s ice sheets atop Greenland and Antarctica have turn out to be the one largest supply of sea stage rise.

A staff of researchers based mostly in Denmark and Britain used historic photos and a number of different knowledge to estimate how a lot ice had been misplaced from Greenland’s Jakobshavn Isbrae, Kangerlussuaq Glacier and Helheim Glaciers within the twentieth century.

They discovered that Jakobshavn Isbrae misplaced extra than 1.5 trillion tonnes of ice between 1880-2012, whereas Kangerlussuaq and Helheim misplaced 1.4 trillion and 31 billion tonnes from 1900–2012, respectively.

Der ice melt has already contributed extra than eight millimetres to international sea ranges, the researchers wrote.

Shfaqat Abbas Khan, a researcher on the Technical University of Denmark, mentioned utilizing pictures taken earlier than the satellite tv for pc period was one other device to assist recreate the final century’s ice loss.

“Historical measurements over the 19th and 20th century may hide important information that can significantly improve our future projections,” he informed AFP.

The UN’s local weather science Beratungsgremium, the IPCC, has forecast sea stage rise from all sources of between 30-110 centimetres by 2100, relying on emissions.

Under the IPCC’s excessive emissions pathway, generally known as RCP8.5, nothing is finished to curb carbon air pollution all through the twenty first century, main to a local weather extra than 3C hotter than pre-Industrial ranges.

Models ran below RCP8.5 for the three glaciers featured in Tuesday’s study predict a sea-level rise of 9.1–14.9mm by 2100.

But the paper, printed in Nature Communications, identified that the high-emissions pathway temperature enhance was extra than 4 occasions bigger than throughout the twentieth Century, when the three glaciers already added 8mm to seas.

“The worst-case scenario is underestimated. Ice loss may be anywhere from three or four times larger than previous predicted for the thee Gletscher considered in this study,” mentioned Khan.

Retreat and thinning of Jakobshavn Isbræ throughout 1875-2012. Credit: Shfaqat Abbas Khan, DTU Space Denmark.

A Natur study printed in September discovered that if greenhouse fuel emissions continued unabated, ice sheets in Greenland will shed some 36 trillion tonnes this Jahrhundert, sufficient to carry the worldwide waterline some 10 centimetres.

Emissions could add 40 cm sea stage rise by 2100, consultants warn

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